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The astral card

The astral card or natal card of a person consists of a graph of the planets, the sun and the moon at the time of birth. It also shows the division of the celestial sphere into twelve sectors, which are called houses.  

The personality, property, intellect, family, relationships, health, marriage, crisis, higher education, profession, friends and limitations are represented by the so-called houses and depending on the planet that is in them is how each characteristic in people is determined.
The planets that can integrate a astral card are: the sun (represents power and domination), the moon (the female side, imagination and emotions), Mercury (travel and communication), Venus (harmony, sexual attraction, art), Mars (fighter and destructive), Jupiter (spirituality, discipline and will), Saturn (perseverance, stability and concentration), Uranus (science, innovation, unforeseen), Neptune (subconscious, disorder) and Pluto (light, shadow, final judgment, elevation .)

Many people have the misconception that interpreting your natal card will indicate what is going to happen on a certain date. But if you require information about events on a certain date, it is necessary to use transits, since these are based on the present movements of the planets on the important points of the horoscope.

The astral card says a lot about people; it says how a person's character is, their personality, what their tastes are, what their strengths and weaknesses are, how they react to certain situations and can even tell if the face that one shows to the world is real and not a costume.

It is very important to have a natal card, as there are many aspects that people do not know of their own life, for example, talents or abilities. And if they knew what they were, they would surely take advantage of the potentials and they would also be of much use to improve their lives.

Also, through the astral card you can get to know others, for example, whether a person is trustworthy enough to leave something important in their hands. All there is to do is, to obtain the person's astral card, as it is the best way to really know them.
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