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Card Spread


Card Spread

There are different ways to perform a tarot spread, this depends on the information that is to be obtained. Among the best known are, the pyramid spread, layer spread, cross spread and the Yes and No spread, among others.

The pyramid card spread can be used to determine if a relationship will be stable and if it will last in the future, it is also used to check for compatibility between two people, regardless of gender. The way the cards are positioned is similar to the layer spread, the only difference is, that the cards are placed to form a pyramid.

La forma en que las cartas se posicionan es parecida a la tirada de la capa a diferencia que en esta las cartas se colocan para formar una pirámide.

The layer tarot spread is performed to know the answer to any general or specific question. The cards are shuffled, the consultant cuts the deck, and then nine cards are drawn and placed one after another in descending order from left to right, forming a horizontal row. After that, the above process is repeated but with seven cards and placing them in a row below the previous one. There should be five rows altogether; the first one of nine cards, the second of seven, the third of five, the fourth of three and below the last line, a single card should be placed to form an inverted triangle. The first line speaks of the situation in general, the second of the future, the third, of the consultant's way of thinking about what they are asking, the fourth speaks of creativity and the final row will reveal the feelings of the person the consultants is interested in.

The cross spread can be performed in any situation. After correctly shuffling the deck, the consultant makes a cut and places seven cards on top of another forming a vertical line. Then, three cards are drawn from the deck and positioned in the order they were drawn, placed to the right of the third card from the vertical row. Another three cards are drawn and are positioned in the horizontal row from the third card and to the left, forming a cross. The cards on the left, will speak of a past situation in question, the ones to the right, will speak of the future, the card in the center speaks of the present, the ones on top will give the trial and the rest of the cards will speak of the reasons for the situation.

The yes and no card spread is done when the consultant makes a question that can be answered with a yes or a no. For example, if you want to know if a certain event will occur and if the answer is a yes, by using this type of spread you will not know when that event will happen, but if the answer is no, the spread should not be used again. To make the spread, six cards are placed in a row and then, six cards are then provided twice, forming six groups of three cards. Between the first and second group the response is determined. But if there is uncertainty, the other groups are the ones that decide on the answer.

As mentioned above, there are several types of tarot card spreads and even if it may seem confusing that more than one type of spread may provide the answer to the question of the consultant, the tarotists will always know which among these types of spreads to performed for each specific case.


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