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The term esoteric is used to refer to group of knowledge, instructions, practices, techniques or rites of a philosophical current that are not easily accessible and are given only a minority of people who are called, initiates.

Esotericism is a way of thinking that facilitates the initiates to enter into a new and deferent way of interpreting reality.

Esotericism promotes strenuous study of nature and followers are heirs of eternal philosophy that pays tribute to the natural view of the world. In other words, in the esotericism, it is not believed in ghosts, miracles or the supernatural, much less that there are gods who make decisions on the fate of people.

A person is considered an initiate when admitted to the knowledge of the mystery of nature through a system of personal development. Each initiate is chosen based on their qualities, especially on the moral order. Upon acceptance into the society of initiates, a ceremony of initiation is performed in which the initiate is given certain knowledge, which will be the foundation for future studies and experiences. In this way, the initiation ceremony is the gateway to a new spiritual state, which indicates the beginning of a new way of being and living.

When the initiate or follower of esotericism has achieved a superior life and has been purified through his or her mental, physical and moral efforts, power is stored inside and that is when, he or she reaches the peak of their preparation and has the knowledge needed to use that power.

LBeing able to achieve the peak of preparation is a real challenge, which begins in oneself, because if you can change yourself, you may be able to do work of greater magnitude. Only if one becomes a new human being, one may exercise the power, the power of wisdom, not only to be better, but to help the progress of humanity and be a better society.

Definitely, the knowledge gained through the practice of esotericism is not a treasure that is closely safeguarded in a personal chest, but on the contrary, it is to be shared and made available to each and every one of those who inhabit the universe, with the sole purpose of living in harmony.

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