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Magic can be defined as the use of symbolic rituals or words used in a spell or incantation to manipulate and influence situations through the use of supernatural forces that cannot be seen but that do exist.

Some can use magic for protection from those who want to do them harm or to prevent the dark magic from being projected onto them.

Others may want to improve the situation being experienced or there may be some who want to call those they want by their side or to try to make them feel love for them.

Some people may resort to black magic with the mentality of affect their enemies in a cruel and negative way, using the forces of nature that are unknown and spiritual in essence.

Candles, herbs or other natural ingredients are used in combination with words and rituals to manipulate situations or feelings, in order to achieve the desired result.

Sometimes the invocation of the spirits is required to make certain types of magic work and therefore, someone with more skill is required to perform more advanced magical workings that required certain rules to be followed. Sometimes a spell can bounce back and the result may be negative even if it is a white spell for the supposed well-being of oneself or others.

There are two types of magic. In practicing white magic, spells are used, as well as candles, potions, quartz, and performing other rituals for the protection, the breaking of spells or curses imposed by dark magic. White magic can also be used to improve the lives and the fate of someone in particular. A witch or wizard can also use magic to enhance their own luck.

Black magic is mostly used against enemies. Most of the magic of the black type is used to make someone have bad luck or to cause some type of harm. Physical, emotional or mental harm is caused by a professional practitioner of black magic who wants to make someone have an accident or to develop a mental or physical illness that is unknown or undiagnosed. Much consideration should be taken when practicing any kind of magic because when it is done the wrong way, it can return the effects in as a tripled way.

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