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Spiritualism is a science that in charge of nature, the study of the origin and destiny of Spirits, as well as their relation to the corporeal world.
It is also a system of philosophy and science of observation.
Through spiritualism, it is possible to know the unseen world around us, the laws that are constituent to it, what the relations with the visible world are, what the nature and status of the beings that inhabit it are and consequently, the fate of humans after death. In the scientific sense of the word spiritualism, is an authentic revelation.

Spiritualism has many antecedents. Perhaps the most popular is called Hydesville facts that occurred on March 31, 1848 in the village of Hydesville in Wayne County, near New York. Through the mediumistic powers of the Fox sisters, first communications were acquired and were verified by the rappings code system that allowed them to converse with spirits.

The fundamental principles of Spiritualism are: the existence of God as universal creator, the existence of spirits and their immortality, evolution law, law of reincarnation, spirit communication through mediumship, law of cause and effect, and plurality of inhabited worlds and the law of universal brotherhood. These principles are also known as postulates and they establish the scientific basis, philosophical and moral study of spiritualism, which some authors of the subject mention in their books.

The scientific aspect involves the study of the mediumistic phenomenon, investigations, experiments, tests and demonstration of spiritual reality, also, the application of scientific method and the determination of laws governing spiritual and psychic phenomena.

The philosophical aspect includes all the explanations and answers to questions that humanity makes on the subject of spiritualism.

The moral or ethical aspect is based on the experiences and the teachings of Jesus to humanity, making out of these a sort of moral code to be applied universally in personal life, with family and in society.

Some of the objectives of spiritualism are, to demonstrate the existence of spirits, develop communication with the spirits to receive their help and improve the personal, family and social life. As well as, provide assistance to the spirits who need it.

In spiritualism, amulets are not used, rituals are not performed, there are no secret signs, candles are not used or any cult objects that are common in many religions. It is not about occult groups that are dedicated to magic or satanism.

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