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The tarot is a deck that is used as a means of divination, either about current or past or future events and is a form of cartomancy. This deck consists of 78 cards and is divided into two groups, major arcana (22 cards) and minor arcana (56 cards).

The tarot is a means of divination commonly used in developed societies, generally as a personalized consultation with a tarotist, conducted either by phone, online or in person.
Not only is divination involved in tarot predictions, but psychology is also. Carl Jung was the first psychologist who assigned certain importance to tarot cards because he saw them as symbols of archetypes, as situations that live in the subconscious mind of all people.

There are various types of tarot card decks, among the most popular are the tarot of Marseille, Waite Tarot and the Aleister Crowley and Celtic tarot.
The tarot of Marseille is the most important, besides it being well known, it has simple but very clear drawings in medieval style. Since its creation, it quickly became popular and was released in many European cities. They were the first cards that were made in color.

The Waite tarot is a reinvention of the Marseille and its originality is in that the minor arcana are equally relevant to the major arcana.

The Aleister Crowley tarot is named after the British poet Aleister Crowley who was fascinated by the occult and together with Lady Harris created this tarot with drawings full of fantasy.

The Celtic tarot consists of 72 cards, of which 18 are major. It is very different from the Marseille tarot and as the Scottish year begins with the Samhain celebration in the Nameton forest.

When consulting with any type of cards, it is important to be relaxed and focused on what is desired, so you may achieve good results. There are many types of tarot, which certainly would be almost impossible to mention each one, being that the Marseilles and Waite are the most used and known today.
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