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Great article on palmistry, very full, full of details, explanations of how to read all parts of the hand. Photos very illustrative about the subject, and much more scientific explanations.
www.crystalinks.com   |   2013.05.22

When people ask about what her palm told him what they really mean is palmistry. Although the finger, fingerprints and palm prints in the hand of a person who will remain unchanged throughout life (unless involved in an accident) no creases. And is the study of these folds that focuses the study of palmistry. Although palmistry not see the future in the same way it does Tarot does give valuable information about the present and future trends stronger.
www.psychic-revelation.com   |   2013.05.22

Great Wikipedia article, like all reflected there, where you can understand better than palm reading, hand reading. All secrets and ways to do it. The history of palmistry and ancestral rituals.
en.wikipedia.org   |   2013.05.22

Chiromancy or palmistry
Prediction of the future for a palm, a good guide to palmistry, prediction of the future using a palm, read fortune, tell fortunes, character traits, prediction of the future.
www.chiromancyonline.com   |   2012.03.19


Chiromancy is a branch of chirology and is based on pseudo-scientific study of the lines and mounds that are in the palms of the hands. Through a correct analysis of the hand, it is possible to learn more about ourselves and know what fate has prepared for us.

Each of the lines of our hand is directly connected with brain activity, genes, and our motor movements, so they are a very correct form of interpretation.

It is important to note that no two hands are alike or with the same outline.

The most common study of chiromancy is done using the left hand to be read and to interpret the significance of the shape of the hand and fingers, and also what the life line, love line and the destiny line indicate.

Chiromancy is the reading of the lines of the hand. According to the shape of the hand, mounds, lines and the size and length of the fingers, the personality of a person can be known. The lines of the hand can also tell people what their true vocation is, as the qualities of the person are what help to identify what they know what to do well.

Reading the palm goes back to 2350 B.C. According to many people, luck can be predicted and will be unique for each person, because the prints and patterns of the palm are different for everyone, and that is to say, no two people have the same lines on their hand.

What is interpreted on the lines of the hand about certain aspects of personality and character of a person is not a lie. Energy can be felt in the hands and all people are able to send or receive energy through their hands, whether consciously or not. Part of the transmitted energy can be positive or negative.