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Divination Directory

Serena`s Guide
Divination Center where will give answer to all your questions. They use all prediction methods. They have free readings and can also read many parts of the body.
www.serenapowers.com   |   2013.05.22

Divination Foundation
The I Ching is a book of divination and ancient practices. Brùlula is infallible as to find the way to truth. Lines through the interaction of figures form shape prediction.
divination.com   |   2013.05.22

Wiki Divination
History of divination from its origins to the present. The most comprehensive information with doas dates, data and numbers in wikipedia.
en.wikipedia.org   |   2013.05.17

Tarotsmith Divination
Online divination resources such as Tibetan Mo dice, bibliomancy, numerology, and Tarot: featuring cards by contemporary figurative artists as well as famous historical decks.
tarotsmith.com   |   2012.07.04

Serena's Guide to Divination
An informative, funny and unusual guide to divination and fortune-telling including free instant readings using dice, dominoes, chien tung and mah jongg.
www.serenapowers.com   |   2012.07.04

The Divination Foundation explores and develops spiritual technologies that support enlightened decision-making and perfected timing...
www.divination.com   |   2012.03.18


A simple definition of the term, divination, would be: the art of visualizing the future or the unknown.
This type of art is used by almost all witches or sorcerers, since it is a fundamental part of witchcraft.
Divination is divided into two categories, interpretation of omens and auguries, also including all forms of communication between spirits and humans.

This type of art is practiced throughout the world since ancient times. The methods used for practice were developed through the ages by witches, pagans, shamans, prophets and healers.

It is very important to make a divination before doing the magic, in order to know if the magic will have good results. There are many systems of divination to predict future events, among the most common are, tarot cards, runes, the crystal ball and the pendulum.

The tarot is perhaps the most popular method used worldwide as it has been very effective in solving personal and professional problems of people who choose to use it.

The runes are a set of 25 symbols and like tarot cards, they can be read right side up and upside down, i.e. each symbol has two different meanings, depending on how they appear while the reading is made, but there are also some types of runes with one meaning in every symbol. The materials which the runes are made of are, ceramic, wood or stone.

The crystal ball or crystallomancy: from ancient times to the present day, this technique of divination has been used by many renowned mystics. The images that are visualized on the crystal ball may be real, symbolic and therefore can be interpreted accordingly.

The pendulum is a technique that is believed to have been used by Nostradamus and today, it is often used to answer questions of a "yes" or "no" answer, but also commonly used to predict the sex of the baby in a pregnant woman. The pendulum is hung above the belly and if it oscillates back and forth, it is believed to be male, but if there is a circular motion, it will be female.