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Clairvoyance School
A clairvoyant school, a place where people can develop their psychic abilities and divination skills. Very good project, though difficult to carry out, we wish you all the luck in the world. They also give free classes all about what astrological.
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Clairvoyance is a supposed psychic ability of humans to see the upcoming events happen beyond the scope of the power of natural vision or vision assisted by technology. Clairvoyance is often associated with a gift of birth based on precognition (psychically know something is going to happen) or retrocognition (psychically "see" something that has already happened)
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Being clairvoyant means, having a spiritual view that allows you to see things before they happen.

 Clairvoyance is divided into five kinds of perceptions, which are, conscious clairvoyance, unconscious clairvoyance, infra-conscious and super-conscious clairvoyance.

Conscious Clairvoyance is that which occurs in people who consciously awaken in higher worlds, that is; by means of dreaming they live in immaterial places of nature.

This kind of clairvoyance is positive and the only ones that have it are the people living in these places awake and yet their physical body remains resting on a bed.

Unconscious clairvoyance is the type that is generated and developed in the unconscious mind. The information reaches the brain through the senses and gets in the unconscious, that information is handled by the psychological defects that act as poor performers and give erroneous interpretations. Therefore, to be able to acquire positive clairvoyance, it is necessary to eliminate the psychological defects.

 Infra-conscious clairvoyance is that which is known as nightmares or bad dreams and all that is perceived are, bad memories and somber creations of the unconscious mind.

Subconscious clairvoyance is the one which only perceives history throughout the years. It is in the subconscious, where memories of past lives remain, so the visions can be wrong.

The super-conscious clairvoyance is the consciousness in its maximum expansion. Whoever reaches this kind of insight, we can say that, he or she is a true enlightened clairvoyant and one whom by no means will boast of their sovereignty.

The reaction of people to a clairvoyant perception depends on its psychopathological and personological diagnosis. The development of clairvoyance in a person must be based on good intellectual culture otherwise you may run into serious degenerative problems. It is also necessary to make a personal study in order to know yourself using some type of esoteric method.

The worst enemy of clairvoyance is ignorance and the clairvoyant must see without judgment, also, he or she must be someone who is intelligent and analytical.