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Libra horoscope 2015
Libra The biggest challenge we will face in 2019 will be to overcome resistance to change.
www.librahoroscope.net   |   2014.11.27

Gemini horoscope 2015
In the family, Gemini will live two very different stages during this year. The first half of 2019, will arise for people of this sign some conflicts with their dearest relatives.
www.geminihoroscope.net   |   2014.11.27

Cancer horoscope 2015
The moods of Cancer people suffer extreme fluctuations during 2019. During the first quarter, it will be quite pessimistic and melancholy.
www.cancerhoroscope.eu   |   2014.11.27

Aquarius horoscope 2015
Aquarius will have a very intense beginning of 2019. During the first quarter of Jupiter's influence will cause the Capricorns hypersensitivity and great ability to express their emotions.
www.aquariushoroscope.eu   |   2014.11.27

Taurus daily horoscope
The free daily horoscope Taurus. Characteristics of Taurus horoscope, taurus horoscope daily, weekly Taurus, Taurus features and much more ..
www.taurusdailyhoroscope.org   |   2014.07.12

Pisces horoscope today
All about pisces horoscope. Pisces Horoscope for today along with its most important and compatibility with the other zodiac signs characteristics.
www.pisceshoroscopetoday.org   |   2014.07.12


Predictions are the narration of what is to come in the future. What has not happened yet but what is believed to happen someday. A prophecy is a form of prediction, one way in which God or a divine nature gives certain knowledge about future events.

Some ancient prophets may have been in a trance or in a meditative state when they obtained the knowledge of what would happen in the future.

It is believed that all, or at least most of the prophecies are divine messages to alert humanity of catastrophic events, war, famine and suffering. Other types of prediction are granted to psychics by reading coffee grounds, smoke, tea leaves, tarot cards, the palm, crystals, among others. The word divination can be given to the ability some psychic people have or those that do tarot card readings, to give the consultant what is prepared for him in the future.

Who is skilled in the art of reading the future, guided by invisible forces and energy, using things in the natural environment, gives a real version of what is going to happen. Despite the predictions, prophecies and revelations are almost the same thing, everyone has the power to make decisions that can change the outcome and thus change the future.

Given the statistics of anything, it is possible to calculate certain predictions about what might happen, but that has nothing to do with psychic predictions or prophecies, which are sent from elsewhere.

Those who believe in the prophecies that have been made, probably do because they certainly have become a reality; they will be much more prepared for the rest of the predictions that have not yet become reality.

If a prediction is taken seriously, it must have been made by someone who has that ability and works with the natural environment, most of which is unknown and is someone who can make use of invisible energies and forces and who lives in accordance with nature.