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Free numerology chart and personal weekly horoscope, rune cast and tarot reading. For sure you will learn a lot about yourself and the ones you love !
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Calculate your free home number. All the features of your personal number. Numerology and more at truetarot.com
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Get free Numerology
Learn about Numerology, numbers and patterns with free Numerology calculators, name Numerology readings, a Numerology compatibility test and more at Numerology com
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Numerology is an art that is represented by the numbers.

It is very difficult to know the precise origin of the beginning of this practice, but it is important to note three essential origins, which are the teachings of Pythagoras (Greek mathematician and philosopher), the numerical cabala and Christian symbolism of the middle Ages.

There are some writings that mention numerology in almost all civilizations and it is known that Pythagoras made numerous trips to the east looking for "higher knowledge" and who founded many brotherhoods in which he taught numerology related to behavior and human experience.

The numbers are symbols that represent quantities and signify qualities. According to Pythagoras, numbers 1 to 9 represent the cyclical evolution of the universe. The numbers have both qualitative and quantitative values, which give them a particular significance of physical or moral order. Plato, for example, said, "Numbers rule the world" and that is where the relation of casualty arises.

The simplest procedure for calculating the number that corresponds to each person is to add the date of birth until reduced to a single digit.

The number one: represents creativity, protection and generosity; the number two represents imagination and sensitivity; the number three represents education, travel and ingenuity; the number four represents the distancing, originality and tolerance; the number five represents movement, intellect and expression; the number six represents femininity, love, beauty and art; the number seven represents sensitivity, sympathy and mystery; the number eight represents wisdom, experience and stability; the number nine represents aggressiveness, courage, originality and initiative.

In using numerology, it is possible to know and understand something more about the secrets of the universe, because through its analogies, it is possible to establish direct relations about human nature and the surrounding environment.